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Personal Profile

Sycarah Fisher, PhD is an Associate Professor of School Psychology at the University of Georgia. She received her doctoral training at Michigan State University with an emphasis on working with culturally diverse populations.  She completed her APPIC internship in New Orleans, Louisiana focusing on Response to Intervention within urban school systems.  After the completion of her degree, she served as a School Psychologist for 3 years at an urban charter school in Washington, DC.  Dr. Fisher’s research focuses on improving outcomes for diverse populations. This manifests itself in two distinct lines of research.  The first involves investigating culturally specific risk and protective factors related to mental health and substance use outcomes for minority youth. The second line of research focuses on the implementation of culturally relevant school-based mental health and substance use interventions. Dr. Fisher’s work has published 35+ articles in journals such as the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, School Psychology Review, and Addictive Behaviors and has received over 8 million dollars in grant funding.


My Partners

Below are some of the organizations that support my work either through research and funding support, training, and/or community collaboration

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