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Consultation & Speaking Services

Empowering schools to champion mental health equity is at the core of Dr. Fisher's consulting services. Dr. Fisher specializes in equipping educational institutions with the tools and strategies necessary to cultivate inclusive environments where every student's mental well-being is prioritized. Through tailored programs, comprehensive training, and personalized support, Dr. Fisher guides schools in fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and proactive intervention. Dr. Fisher's holistic approach addresses systemic barriers, promotes mental health literacy, and empowers educators and school mental health personnel to effectively support students from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Fisher hopes to assist schools in reshaping school communities into places that promote equity for all students.

Substance Use Prevention & Intervention

Do you find yourself addressing youth substance use in your schools? Having trouble with the increase in vaping? Dr. Fisher can help districts identify school appropriate feasible ways to address youth substance use.

Data-Based Decision Making

The use of data is critical for the improvement of school services. Dr. Fisher can provide training and support in the creation and maintenance of data systems in schools to address youth mental health. This can include schoolwide systems or data systems used specifically by school mental health personnel.

Uptake and Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions

Have you invested in interventions, but aren't getting the implementation or outcomes that you were expecting? Dr. Fisher can help schools troubleshoot problems with intervention implementation and increase uptake and subsequent intervention outcomes.

Tiered Systems of Mental Health Support

Tiered systems of mental health support are essential in addressing the needs of all youth.  Dr. Fisher can train and provide support in the creation and maintenance of these systems.

Classroom Management

Dr. Fisher can provide supports for classroom teachers in the use of classroom management strategies. Dr. Fisher's approach considers culture in the development of classroom management strategies and the development of strong teacher-student relationships.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Dr. Fisher has 15+ years of engaging educators and school personnel in the concepts and constructs of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Dr. Fisher meets every participant where they are and works with them on their social justice journey. Dr. Fisher also believes in promoting liberation by helping schools identify and rectify policies that lead to systemic inequity.

What My Clients Say

Workshop: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Dr. Fisher was an exceptional instructor during this workshop. I thought that she did a great job of fostering a 'brave space;' and really met participants where they were at in terms of their journey. I am not as far along as some others in the workshop, but I never felt any judgement from her. Overall, she provided a very welcoming space for everyone to voice their thoughts and ask questions.”

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